National Expo and Seminar on Single Use Plastic Alternatives

Global plastic pollution and the damage it causes to our world is one of the most urgent and complex challenges that we face today. Nowadays we are all more aware of the shocking quantity of plastic used day-to-day, how little is recycled, and how this is degrading our planet. 

With the rise in concern over climate change and environmental degradation, plastic pollution and plastic waste management have become the focal point of worry.It is not an easy task to proscribe a material that has become deeply enrooted in the modern economy. The demand for plastics is increasing in the Indian market as there is increased demand for automobiles, electronics, pipes and agriculture, infrastructure and packaging.

Unfortunately, there is no recycling for about 70% of the plastic the country consumes and they are simply discarded in most Indian cities. Thus, the world’s largest democracy lodges vast trash heap of plastics in vacant lots or choking up water bodies, recoiling India’s ambitious intent to phase out single-use plastic (SUP). Everybody is concerned with plastic wastes due to its slow decomposition, the release of toxic chemicals in the environment, creation of dirty surroundings, killing of stray animals, polluting the atmosphere, degrading the environment and health hazards.


  • Create awareness among general public on the need of phasing out single use plastics
  • Minimize the consumption of SUPs immediately
  • Promoting and ensuring effective management of plastic wast
  • Reducing, recycling, re-using,  and refusing SUPs
  • Promoting ecologically sustainable development
  • Introduce inventions in alternatives to plastics
  • Provide opportunity for industries to discuss and identify the main challenges and barriers in phasing out single use plastic
  • Exhibit and popularize traditional methods of storage and packing
  • Bring together academia, industry and investors to discuss and commercialize eco-friendly alternative to plastics
  • Provide opportunity to exhibit innovation, products, technologies and scientific findings
  • Ensure that people are aware of the impact of waste on their health, wellbeing and the environment
  • Sensitise the public on climate change – implications on plastic and plastic products


Why attend?

  • Presentations from leading companies contributing in tackling the global plastic pollution crisis.
  • Gain the latest research information to help in eliminating SUPs and discover more natural and re-usable alternatives.
  • Discover the next-generation of highly sustainable materials, technologies, and manufacturing solutions.
  • Exchange knowledge and network with sustainability leaders working to reduce their dependence on plastics.

SUPA 2020 is Postponed

The National Seminar and Expo on Single Use Plastic Alternatives scheduled to be held on 17-20 August 2020 (SUPA 2020) stands postponed due to the Covid -19 pandemic. The future dates of the event will be updated as and when the conditions become normal.